Below is a list of many tips you can use to win more games on FIFA 08. Hopefully, these games will help you become a better FIFA player and improve your rank. If you're interested in learning about rank, look here, but for now, here is the tip sheet.

Tip Sheet

This page is a basically what the name says: a list of tips that you can use to play better FIFA. It is the small things such as remembering to only use the sprint button when you have space to run into that make the big differences in competitive matches both online and offline. Read more here.


Many players don't typically use the controls offered by the D-pad, some don't even know what the D-pad does! The D-pad is very useful, especially if you are a good tactician from watching real-life football. The D-pad can be used to make four tactical adjustments:


Below are a number of basic game tactics to help you in FIFA 08. You need to have some sort of structure in your play if you expect to win games. You can't just go out and pass around and shoot when ever, you need a planed form of attack and defence.


Be a Pro Mode

Be a Pro Mode allows you to assume the role of a professional footballer, whether it be a player created on your console or an already established player within the game. Either way, this game mode allows you to see the game as real professionals do as you strive to improve your game rating. Read more here.

Free Kicks

Free Kicks provide an excellent opportunity to score, but many ignore this and don't learn the proper techniques. Before I got the techniques down, I was enraged when my opponent slide tackled me on a breakaway and I got the free kick, but now it makes no difference because it is just as easy to score free kicks as it is to finish off a breakaway. Read more here.

In FIFA 08, you are given the option of having full, manual control over your passes and shots. This is useful because unlike the default assisted settings, the computer has no effect on where your passes and shots go and how much power they will have. There are other settings besides just manual and assisted, you also have the option of semi-assisted settings. However, I recommend that you pick one or the other. To change these settings: Main Menu - My FIFA 08 - Settings - Controller Settings.

Below is a table of all the basic controls in FIFA 08. Although you will probably be familiar with the vast majority of these, it is a good idea to skim over this as you might learn something you didn't know before. Its the little things like knowing how to execute an early cross or initiate runs that make big differences in matches, so take a quick look!