Below is a table of all the possible skill moves in FIFA 08. Remember that pretty much every skill move requires for the left trigger to be held down, without it your player will just dribble with knock-ons because you are just moving the right stick. These controls are the same for both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation, although on the Playstation the trigger you want to use is L2. Note that just these core moves are not the only tricks you can do, you can combine them however you want to create your own unique skill move. Please note that many of these skills can be done with either foot, so they have two versions, which are done using opposite sides on the analog stick.

Skill Move Controls
Pull Back LT + Right Analog Stick Down
Sideways Roll LT + Right Stick R/L (hold)
Body Feint LT + Right Stick R/L (hold)
Stepover LT + from Right Stick U to R
Reverse Stepover LT + from Right Stick R to U
Fake Shot B, A (quick succession)
Blanco While still, LT + press down Right Stick
Inside Circle Drag While still, LT + Right Stick NW/NE twice (quick succession)
Elastico LT + from Right Stick R to L
Hocus Pocus While still, LT + from Right Stick L to R
Roulette LT + from Right Stick D to U
Heel-to-Heel LT + Right Stick U, D (quick succession)
Juggle Ball LT + RB repeatedly
ATW (Around the World) While juggling, LT + Right Stick full rotation starting from bottom
Ronaldo Chop While running, LT + Right Stick NW/NE (quick succession)
Overhead Flick While still, LT + U, U, D
Rainbow While running, LT + Right Stick D, U, U (timed)


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