A returning feature to FIFA 11 is the choice of setting Custom Tactics. With Custom Tactics, you can make your team play exactly the way you want them to. You can expound on the advantages of a team such as Barcelona with such great passing by specifying them to play with quick, short passes and increase their build up play. You could set free form positioning to take advantage of AC Milan's abundance of players who have a high positioning stat. Most importantly, you can customize your team's settings to make them play just how you want.

Below are a number of basic game tactics to help you in FIFA 11. You need to have some sort of structure in your play if you expect to win games. You can't just go out and pass around and shoot when ever, you need a planed form of attack and defence.


For those of us who don't want to fork out the fortune of coins required to buy a Ronaldo or Messi, there are players who are cheap because they aren't popular or don't seem good, but are actually world-class players in disguise. In FIFA 11, size, strength, and speed are the key factors, and most of these players have all three. Many of you will find your own little gem on your own, but here is a list of 10 of the best players you can buy for a low price.


The important thing to remember when building your team is that Chemistry certainly matters. On your squad page, you will notice that little green bar in the top right corner; this represents your chemistry on a scale of 1 to 100. Reaching 100 Chemistry is well worth it as you will notice the drastic change in your teams ability to win games, in a positive way. Chemistry is determined by nationality or league cohesion, formation, position, and your manager.

59th Minute

You've probably seen them before on YouTube, those well-edited, perfect quality FIFA videos showcasing some awesome skill moves and great shots. It takes a considerable amount of time and money to get such a good quality recording, but hopefully this guide will guide you through in creating some good videos. The first thing you'll need, and probably the most costly, is a recording device, such as a capture card or PVR. I'll go over the two best products that are most worth your money in terms of FIFA recording, or any Xbox gameplay in general.


The all-new Replay Theater of FIFA 11 organizes your replays into one space, and provides a place to view your saved replays. FIFA 11 now also includes post-match highlights the game automatically saves your highlights of the game such as goals, close misses, shots, etc. This way, after the match you can pick and choose which highlights you would like to save to view or upload later without having to pause during the game to save an instant replay.

A returning feature in FIFA 11 is a useful, varied practice mode. Instead of just having a 1v1 practice mode, you have the option of practicing any type of set piece, playing a practice match, creating your own unique set piece play which you can unleash both offline and online, or a fun 1v1 mode where you can control either the goalkeeper or field player.


Practice Set Piece