59th Minute

A popular method is to set your search parameters to: Gold Players, and Max Buy it Now Price at the amount of money you have in coins. Cards are organized as soonest finishing auctions come up first and the time goes up as you scroll up. Continue scrolling up the list of cards until you get to where players have around 59 minutes remaining in the auction. Because 1 hour is the most common time people set their auctions at, you have a better chance at seeing good deals before other players do. Study the market until you know prices well, and experiment with a few players. It takes time, but eventually you will get the hang of it. Although this might be slow at times, the market is just active enough for a consistent flow of players to be put up for auction that you may be able to make a profit on. I also recommend using the Web App for this, as you can instal an auto-clicker program and allow it to scroll up the pages for you while you can go do something else.

I posted a video to my YouTube channel about the 59th Minute Method to help you out. If you like it, subscribe, as I'll be uploading a lot more videos in the future.

In terms of what Auto Clicker to use, you can download Auto Click 2.1 here, this is the version I use and I have no problems with it.

Monopolizing a Player

The general concept is that you buy all the cards listed for a certain player below a certain price, so you control the price of that player. People obviously want to pay the cheapest possible, so if you posses all of the cheapest cards for sale, then it is more likely that people will buy your cards. This can be tough at times because the player base is still quite active and new packs are being opened up all the time, so someone could get your player in a pack and then go to outsell you.



The problem with playing regular games for coins, online or offline, is that you will need to pay for contracts or injury healing cards in order to maintain your squad. You can evade the injury problem by having a solid second string, but you will always run into the contract problem. One way to solve this is to participate in tournaments which reward you with a coin bonus if you win the tournament which can usually pay off the contracts you used throughout the tournament, so you don't have to spend the coins from playing games on contracts. Also, EA has released some tournaments in previous versions of Ultimate Team with rather high rewards, specifically around different holidays in the past, so keep your eyes open for new tournaments - play them until they're gone!


Formation and Position Cards

Although most people only focus their efforts on player cards, consumables can be also quite profitable. A lucrative method is to search the market for cheap formation and position cards. The prices change constantly, so I'm not going to say anything about prices, but here are some cards you should focus on in particular.

  • CF to ST
  • RW to RM
  • LW to LM
  • RWB to RB
  • LWB to LB
  • CDM to CM
  • CAM to CM
  • 433 Formation
  • 442 Formation
  • 4411 Formation
  • and many others!


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