Returning to FIFA 11 for its third year installment as a purchasable add-on game mode is Ultimate Team. In Ultimate Team, you accumulate different types of cards, either player cards or one of many types of consumables. This article will go more in-depth about the types of cards later. You get these cards through opening packs which you can buy with in-game currency known as coins, or pay with real money through the online store. There really isn't main goal of Ultimate Team, but most strive to create a team filled with their favorite players or unique teams, and others enjoy accumulating coins and working the market.



Players can be obtained through opening packs. There are three types of players: bronze, silver, and gold. As you might imagine, the gold players are the best players, and the bronze are the worst. Although you can hope for sheer luck and pull a Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi in a pack, it's highly unlikely. It's very easy to give in and pay a hefty fee to open a pack when your return will usually not reach the amount you paid, so know you will likely be disappointed before deciding to buy a pack. Players can be traded for coins or other cards via the FUT Trading Center. If you are a FUT veteran and skipped the FIFA 10 version of UT, keep in mind that unlike FUT 09, you can no longer permanently train players all the way up to 99. Players now have a set rating which stays the same unless you apply a temporary stat boost card.



There are four types of consumable cards. Healing cards are used to heal your injured players. When a player is injured, he is issued a number which is higher if the injury is more serious. A healing card also has a number, which subtracts from the injury number which must be at zero or lower in order to heal the injury. Contracts are used to keep your players and staff with your team, who have a certain number of games they can play before they are dismissed from your team. You can use contract cards to increase this number and keep your player or staff member, but keep checking to make sure nobody is at 1 game remaining before playing a game. Finally, Team Talks are used to increase the morale of your squad. Your morale will go down after loosing games and you cannot expect to play well if your morale is low, so do not underestimate the usefulness of these cards.



There are 5 possible staff members which you can use to bolster your squad. The Manager determines how effective your contracts are and also your chemistry, more on chemistry here. The Head Coach makes the stats of your training cards higher when applied to field players. The Goalkeeper Coach speeds up training of goalkeepers like your Head Coach affects your field players. The Fitness Coach increases the effectiveness of your fitness training cards, which alter the fitness stat of your players. Lastly, the Physio speeds up the recovery time of your players by making your injury healing cards more effective.


Training Cards

Training cards are used to change the stats of your players. There is an alternate type of training cards which change your formation, and you can use these to your advantage in chemistry. The stat training cards can be attained through trading or packs, like any of the other cards. As you increase the individual stats; pace, shooting, passing, dribbling, heading, morale, or fitness, the overall level will increase. Training cards either train individual players or the entire squad.

Another type of training cards is the formation changing card. You can apply a formation card to a player or manager to change his preferred formation to the one that the card is meant for. However, keep in mind that there are player versions of this card, and manager ones, you cannot use a player card on a manager or vice versa.

The last kind of training cards is the position changing card. The position card alters the position of your player to the position the card is meant for. However, keep in mind that a certain position card cannot be applied to every player, they only change positions up an down a "spine" of the field. However, offensive players cannot move into defense and defensive players cannot be moved into offense.

  1. RWB to RB
  2. LWB to LB
  3. RB to RWB
  4. LB to LWB
  5. RM to RW
  6. LM to LW
  7. LW to LM
  8. RW to RM
  9. CM to CDM
  10. CDM to CM
  11. CM to CAM
  12. CAM to CM
  13. CAM to CF
  14. CF to CAM
  15. CF to ST
  16. ST to CF


My Club

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the Collection that featured in FUT 09 was not included in the FIFA 10 version of Ultimate Team and did not return for the FIFA 11 version. What has seemingly taken its place is "My Club", where you can store players, staff members, stadiums, balls, kits, and also serves as a trophy case for your trophies won in tournaments. Unlike the Collection from the previous year's version, you can take your players out of your club for use in your squad or to send to the trade pile, but obviously this means you will not receive a coin payout for sending your players here as it was with the Collection.


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