A returning feature in FIFA 11 is a useful, varied practice mode. Instead of just having a 1v1 practice mode, you have the option of practicing any type of set piece, playing a practice match, creating your own unique set piece play which you can unleash both offline and online, or a fun 1v1 mode where you can control either the goalkeeper or field player.


Practice Set Piece

The 'Practice Set Piece' mode allows you to practice a Corner Kick, Free Kick, or a Throw-In. The most useful of which is undoubtedly the free kick practice. Gone are the days of FIFA 09 and before, where you need two controllers to hone your free kick skills; intentionally fouling players with one controller, and picking up the other controller to give the free kick a try. If you've ever done this, you'll know that it can get extremely annoying. However, this was solved with a simple free kick practice mode. Corner kicks are relatively useful, but are still primarily a matter of luck. Not quite sure why EA thought Throw-Ins are something we should practice, but it is there if you need it.


Practice Match

Playing practice matches can be fun, and sometimes a quick way to try something out without having to go through the trouble of booting up a new game. They are also useful for getting a bit of a warm-up before playing online, if you care about ranks. In practice matches, there are no fouls, the computer is terrible, and every ball out of bounds goes to you; so if you haven't already guessed, you'll have possession nearly the entire duration of your practice match, which has no set time.


Create Set Piece

Creating set pieces is a unique new tool that debuted in FIFA 10 and has returned again for FIFA 11. You can pick a region for your set piece, and whenever you receive a free kick in this region during a game, you will be given the option of running this created set piece, provided you have saved it and assigned it to a D-pad control. By assigning smart runs and carefully planning out your set piece, you could have a deadly scoring opportunity each time you are fouled in this area. Keep in mind that it is not always consistent, as you can have a free kick from a variety of places within your region, so sometimes the passing angle may not be there when it was when you practiced it. Nevertheless, when done well, created set pieces can provide an excellent scoring opportunity, so get creative!


1 on 1

The 1v1 Practice Mode type is a player vs. goalkeeper setup, and you can choose whether to be either the keeper or player. This is useful for practicing penalty kicks - but for shooting and free kicks, I would recommend using the practice match and practice set piece modes, respectively. To select who you control, keeper or player, press start and go down to Select Sides.


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