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FIFA 14 - Ultimate Team - Top 10 Players

The below table lists the highest rated players in FIFA 14 which you can add to your FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. You should know that most of these players are extremely expensive due to their high rating. Unless you have a lot of coins to spend, you'd be better off looking for more economical players as in Ultimate Team some can be even more effective than the expensive, high-rated players! Anyway, the table lists the best possible players in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 14 - Ultimate Team - Top 10 Longshot Takers

Shooting has become a lot more effective in FIFA 14. In FIFA 14, it is a lot more likely that you will be able to put away chances from 20-25 yards out while you would have shied away from the shooting opportunity in previous games. Players generally have better shooting and longshot capabilities. This is great, and it makes for much nicer goals. Take a look below at our collection of the top 10 longshot takers in FIFA 14 to decide who is the best for your Ultimate Team.

FIFA 14 - Ultimate Team - Top 10 Best Free Kick Takers

In FIFA 14, free kicks can be really easy to score. If you get the right guy to take them, then they can be even easier. Take a look at the table below of the best free kick shooters in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team and decide who would be the best for your team. Their score is a combination of their accuracy, power, and curve stats. Fortunately, EA have really diversified this list -- not all players come from the Premier League or La Liga! You will be surprised to see some unfamiliar names here.

FIFA 14 - Celebrations

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