Shooting has become a lot more effective in FIFA 14. In FIFA 14, it is a lot more likely that you will be able to put away chances from 20-25 yards out while you would have shied away from the shooting opportunity in previous games. Players generally have better shooting and longshot capabilities. This is great, and it makes for much nicer goals. Take a look below at our collection of the top 10 longshot takers in FIFA 14 to decide who is the best for your Ultimate Team.

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Rank Player Position Nation Longshot Stat
1 Cristiano Ronaldo LW Portugal 93
2 Arango LM Venezuela 91
3 Quagliarella ST Italy 90
4 Toni Kroos CAM Germany 90
5 Marco Reus LM Germany 89
6 Arjen Robben RM Netherlands 89
7 Costa CM Argentina 89
8 Messi CF Argentina 88
9 Hulk RW Brazil 88
10 Gareth Bale RM Wales 88


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