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FIFA 08's online ranking system is rather confusing to some people with the main question being “Why aren't I ranked?” The answer to this is that there are only 10,000 ranking spots, so you have to be better than at least the ten-thousandth ranked player in order to have a rank.

With Xbox Live and Playstation Network, online games are both fun and challenging. You can play with friends of choice or have the online network choose an opponent for you. There is a simple ranking system which you can learn more about here. However, there are more ways to get involved online than just play 1v1 matches with other players. The other four online game modes available in FIFA 08 are explained below.


Below is a list of many tips you can use to win more games on FIFA 08. Hopefully, these games will help you become a better FIFA player and improve your rank. If you're interested in learning about rank, look here, but for now, here is the tip sheet.

Tip Sheet

This page is a basically what the name says: a list of tips that you can use to play better FIFA. It is the small things such as remembering to only use the sprint button when you have space to run into that make the big differences in competitive matches both online and offline. Read more here.


Many players don't typically use the controls offered by the D-pad, some don't even know what the D-pad does! The D-pad is very useful, especially if you are a good tactician from watching real-life football. The D-pad can be used to make four tactical adjustments:


Below are a number of basic game tactics to help you in FIFA 08. You need to have some sort of structure in your play if you expect to win games. You can't just go out and pass around and shoot when ever, you need a planed form of attack and defence.


Due to the slow pace of the gameplay in FIFA 08, passing is arguably your most deadly weapon. You must learn to posses the ball through passing before looking for that killer through ball that puts a striker in on goal and other useful techniques such as playing a ball to the winger and learning when to cross.


Shooting in FIFA 08 is a lot different from previous FIFA versions, but certainly for the better. Shooting is much more realistic, the actual trajectory and physics of the ball during shooting in particular. According to EA, there are nine factors which determine the success of a shot, and they apply to all kinds of shots, including volleys:

The challenge mode is a simple game mode returning from previous FIFA versions. The FIFA 08 version is said to be much more difficult than previous ones. The general concept is that you have ten regions to play in, each with ten challenges to complete, except for Region 1, which features 15 challenges to complete, so 105 challenges in total. The incentive to do challenge mode other than for entertainment is that you can accumulate points by completing challenges which can be used to unlock things like balls and kits for use in other game modes of FIFA 08.