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FIFA 11 - Virtual Pro Tutorial

FIFA 11FIFA 11 - Virtual Pro Tutorial

With the ever-growing popularity of FIFA Virtual Pros and Pro Clubs, it is understandable that you might be looking for the most effective ways to improve your pro through accomplishments. Keep in mind that it can be a very lengthy process, but we'll do our best to help you speed it up with a few points of advice and strategic methods you might find useful.


Boosting Team

Almost everything in this article is commonly referred to as “boosting”, a process in which you purposely make changes to team, game, etc. settings to make accomplishments come easier. To start, select a Boosting Team that you can play against. The team rating doesn't matter much as you'll actually be bringing down all their stats anyways.


Arena Accomplishments

If you check your accomplishment book, you'll see that there are quite a lot of accomplishments that can be earned in just the arena. These are nice to do first because they're very easy and if you complete most or even all of them, it provides some nice base stats for you to take into a real game against your boosting team. For example, one accomplishment is just to juggle a few times and that improves your ball control. Make absolutely sure you do the skill moves one that requires you to perform a certain number of skill moves to unlock the next “star grade” of skill moves, it's pretty easy. For a full list of all available skill moves to help you out, see our Skill Moves guide.


Editing the Other Team

Because you are able to earn Virtual Pro accomplishments in any type of match, including offline Exhibition Matches, you can use this to your advantage by making changes to your other team's set-up. Below is a list of a few things you can do to make accomplishment earning a bit easier for you:

  • Change the opposing team's formation to your liking. You can go to the Team Management screen of the other team and use or create a custom formation that features only one defender so your Virtual Pro can score more goals.
  • Edit the opposing team's goalkeeper, and possibly other players. You'll need to create a player via the Creation Zone. Make him as short as possible and as heavy as possibly, and also set his body type to “Stocky”, this way hes a short, fat keeper who has a slim chance of saving a remotely good shot. Even better yet, you can actually change all his goalkeeping (or other) stats to all 1s so he's a terribel keeper to boot. You can do this with every player on the boosting team you'll be facing, but as you can see its pretty time consuming and only the keeper is really necessary.
  • This one isn't an absolute necessity, but it can help a bit. In the Team Management section of your boosting team, you can set the Quick Tactics to all very attacking settings.


Your Team

You'll just want a decent, attacking formation for your own team. Be sure to provide yourself with wingers or outside midfielders to cross to you so you can earn heading accomplishments.


Game Settings

Once you have a game set up against your boosting team, be sure to not skip past the Game Settings screen before starting the match. There are two custom settings you want to be sure you take care of:

  • Half Length: 4+ minutes (this is your choice, but I like to set it as long as possible to provide enough time to get a lot of accomplishments)
  • Difficulty Level: World Class (there are a lot of accomplishments to be earned on World Class. It won't be too much harder because you wont have a lot of pressure from the other team.)


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