The FUT 15 Millionaire Trading Center has proved to be an incredible resource for making money in Ultimate Team. With the Trading Center, you have access to a revolutionary autobuyer/autobidder that automatically adjusts trading margins so it essnetially works on autopilot. You will also have access to secret trading lists and tips and you will also be a member of an exclusive community of pro FUT traders. It is the single easiest way to make money in FUT 15 so check it out! If you are interested, I've also written a full review.

Here are some general tips used by expert FUT traders:

  • You should strongly consider creating multiple accounts for trading and trade with two, three, or four accounts at once. In short, more accounts = more trade pile slots = more profit. Once you start trading seriously, you’ll soon find out that 50 trade pile spots is not enough. You should download another browser so you can easily trade with multiple accounts at the same time, rather than having to constantly log in and out of your FUT accounts (i.e. you should have both Safari and Chrome open, or IE and Firefox open)
  • You can store a seemingly infinite amount of items won on open bids in your watchlist. This comes in handy when stockpiling consumables after happy hours, since you can store hundreds of fitness and chemistry cards in your watchlist.
  • If possible, use one-hour bids. Many gamers will only search through the first few pages when looking to buy a player or consumable (i.e. when there’s only a few minutes left in the auction). Continuously relisting your items on one-hour auctions will give you more views and therefore more potential buyers for your item. However, if you’re going to be away from the webapp for several hours, there’s nothing wrong with listing for three or six hours. For example, before you go to bed, list your items overnight for six or twelve hours. That said, if you’re a student who sits in class all day and takes notes on a laptop or iPad, or if you’re sat in front of a computer all day at your office, one-hour bids are the way to go, since you’ll be able to keep relisting throughout the day.
  • Try to find a small group of like-minded traders to work with. Generally, the more coins you have behind an investment, the more coins you’ll make in the end. The value of being able to brainstorm, share ideas, and coordinate mutual investments with other traders cannot be understated. It is much easier to affect the market when you have five people putting 500K into something rather than you throwing a million coins into an investment by yourself. Firstly, you have more coins to work with as a group. This allows you to minimise personal risk without minimising profits, since you will have fewer of your own coins tied up in an investment, but will have more coins overall. It should go without saying, but only work with gamers that you trust. With regards to working together in the FUT market, every investment is only as strong as its weakest link. If you inadvertently allow a sketchy gamer to participate in your group, he may start undercutting your agreed-upon prices and/or otherwise disrupting the investment, causing it to fail.
  • If you decide to invest in IF’s, do not buy before the weekend. During the week that your targeted IF is in packs, prices will be at their highest during the first few days (i.e. Wednesday through Friday). Generally, more packs are opened on the weekend than they are during the weekdays (in terms of packs opened per day), so there will be an increased supply of your targeted IF over the weekend. In addition, there will be a decreased demand, since the demand is highest the day they come out. This leads to lower prices. Personally, I like to start researching the market on Sunday, and I usually buy on Monday or Tuesday. Gamers will often sell their IF’s a few days prior to the next TOTW in order to have more coins to buy packs, or have more coins to try out some of the following week’s IF’s. Because the supply is cut off after a week, IF prices tend to start rising within a few days of the IF’s going out of packs. This is extremely dependent on the player and the card stats, but prices usually continue to climb slowly until that player receives a SIF. If the player receives an SIF, then the value of the IF will plummet. Make sure to sell any IF’s that get SIF’s as soon as possible in order to maximise your profits, or in the worst case, minimise your losses.
  • Use a spreadsheet to keep track of your trades. This will give you a clear picture of exactly how well your investments did and will keep track of all of your coins. There is a built-in tax calculator and there is also a column that will keep track of your running coin total. Another important reason to log your trades is that EA can sometimes lose your players when you’re trying to trade. Most experienced traders have be affected by the “completing” glitch, which freezes a player in your trade pile and ties up the coins you have in that player for a period of time. Less fortunate traders have experienced a different glitch, where you try to list a card on the web app, then the web app freezes. Once you’ve reloaded the page, however, the card disappears. I had a feeling that I lost a few NIF Di Maria’s during the week he received an IF. Once I my last Di Maria, I referred to my spreadsheet and I saw that I was missing the sale prices for five cards. This confirmed my suspicions that the cards did, in fact, disappear due to the web app glitch. I contacted EA, told them exactly what happened, and referred to my spreadsheet. After a few weeks, EA got in touch with me via e-mail, acknowledged the problem, and apologized. They also put over 700K into my account as compensation for the lost Di Maria’s. I imagine that the 700Kincludes the annoyance of losing the players and the lost opportunity cost to re-invest the coins I would’ve made from the Di Marias, since at the time, the 5 Di Maria’s were worth 125K at the most.
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