A helpful skill in FIFA 15 is the ability to take a 'Pure Shot' on goal which should typically be more challening for the keeper to save. The concept of a Pure Shot is that your shooting player is given enough time and space to set up for his shot, so he does a very realistic kicking motion that results in an extra powerful and very accurate shot. To achieve the increased realism involved in replicating a player's shot technique, EA actually had professional players come in to their offices and take shots with all kinds of sensors attached to their bodies that would track their motion precisely. You'll notice that when you pull off a Pure Shot with Gareth Bale, he shoots exactly like he does when he gets a lot of space on the right wing to cut inside and shoot.

When to use the Pure Shot? They are effective in many different situations. The first situation in which you may want to use a Pure Shot is when you are on a breakaway. I have found that it is as effective as just dribbling up as close as possible and slotting it in a corner. Depending on how good you are at finishing, it is perhaps even more effective than that. Just before you reach the top of the box, let off on the left stick and the sprint trigger, if you are holding it. From here, give it a second and then power up a decent amount for the shot. Your player will execute a very concerted shooting motion and you will notice the added power and accuracy.

However, there are obviously more situations in which a pure shot would be helpful. Actually, whenever you find yourself with wide open space, you should opt to get a Pure Shot. If you really want to make sure you get the full benefits of a Pure Shot, you can do the same thing as the finishing technique, just once you stop sprinting, hit forward in the right stick in a good direction to set up your shot and then begin to power up for a shot slowly. The key here is to always stop sprinting, slow your player's motion down, and make sure your player has wide open space.

Thanks to Pure Shot, we'll be seeing a lot more long-distance goals and hard shots, so take advantage of it!

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