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FIFA 15 - Custom Tactics Guide

FIFA 15FIFA 15 - Custom Tactics Guide

Recommended Custom Tactics

Custom Tactics can help you defend and attack more effectively. While you can control one player and tell him to do exactly what you want, you have 9 other field players who will be doing whatever the preset settings tell them to. So, if you can define custom tactics that do what you want more effectively, then you are infintely more in control and will probably see better results. These are the settings we personally recommend. They work with everything you will see on this site, especially defending. Obviously though, you should play with this to see what works best for you - this is just a simple guideline that we have found to be effective.


Build-Up Play

Speed: 70 - It is simple to possess the ball and let your team form an attack after winning the ball from your opponent. With speed at 70, you will find it easy to pass around and contain as gaps open and your team achieves a better shape.

Passing: 30 - This makes it simple to do close passing instead of your players running offside, which happens often in FIFA 15.


Chance Creation

Passing: 75 - Lots of creative passing lanes will open up if you are vigilant. However, with the previous setting at 30 you will not run into players flying offside as often as you normally would with this stat so high.

Crossing: 25 - Crossing is not nearly as effective in FIFA 15, so don't rely on it.

Shooting: 70 - This positions your players ready to shoot. When they recieve the ball, they are either ready to shoot immediately, or they are ready to dribble past a defender and then get a shot off.

Positioning: Freeform - Very confusing for your opponent when combined with these other stats.



Pressure40 - Players will notice if you have a high pressure setting and your players are just sprinting full speed at them whenever they have the ball. This is very easy to counter so its much more effective to be conservative.

Aggression: 40 - Functions hand-in-hand with pressure.

Team Width: 65 - Spaces your team out very wide to give attacking power to your wingbacks. If you can counter with your opponent's midfielders out of position, this becoms extremely effective. The only drawback is that sometimes this will result in your opponent getting inside of your wingbacks and exposing out of position center backs, so be careful.

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