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FIFA 14FIFA 14 - UT Web App

If you do any kind of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team trading, then you definitely want to familarize yourself with the web app. The FIFA 14 UT web app allows you to do different administrative tasks with your Ultimate Team. Most importantly, you can access the market and trade, using your trade pile and everything like you are normally able to on your console. The web app is the perfect tool for you if you do a lot of trading, which definitely might be the case if you use the FUT Genius guide and the high-profit methods outlined in that guide.



The FUT 14 Web App, like its predecessors, is a flash application. This means a few things, one being that it is highly difficult to produce applications that run off of it. It is nearly impossible to build any kind of proprietary mobile or web application that allows you to trade. Also, because iPads and iPhones do not have flash capability, you will need to download the Puffin Browser or the EA Sports Ultimate Team app.


Logging in

You can log in here and if you haven't already, you can set-up your account on that page as well by clicking the 'register' link at the top. The accounts are powered by Origin, so you may already have one! If you are setting up ana ccount now, I'd highly suggest writing down both your password and your secret question answer so you don't forget.



The web app is extremely useful for making money with trading. You can buy a lot of cards at once because it's much easier to navigate than it is on the console. I'd like to take a moment here to tell you about FIFA Encyclopedia's brand new Ultimate Team offering, the FUT Genius 14 Guide, which contains methods you should consider if you want to be a serious FUT trader and want to make a lot of coins. Combined with that guide, the web app is your key to millions.



If you've played FIFA at all before, you've probably come to not really expect much from the EA servers. This is no different with the web app, in fact, it's worse! You'll get disconnected every once in a while for seemingly no reason at all, and it goes down for service a lot. This can be especially annoying if you're trying to do the 59th minute method.


Buying Packs

One question you may have about the web app is: Can I buy packs? The answer is yes! You can use both coins and FIFA points to purchase packs through the Store, with everything priced just as it is in the console version of the game. However, it is impossible to purchase FIFA Points with money (like you are able to on the consoles) at this time. However, you could purchase FIFA Points on your console and then use them to buy on the web app.


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