Having multiple accounts can be very advantageous if you are a serious FUT trader. While it may not be completely obvious to the regular FUT user, some methods are exponentially better when you can handle more players at once. Many of the methods in our premium FUT Genius Guide can be used with multiple accounts. Speaking of, the FUT Genius Guide contains some of the most profitable and proven methods you will find in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, so if you'd like to more coins, we'd highly recommend you check it out. Read on below to see how to create extra accounts!


Create an EA Origin Account

Go to EA's Origin account creation page and sign up for an account there. Make sure you use an email that is not currently signed up to Origin, as it will not allow you to do so. I also noticed that the sign up page isn't the greatest and doesn't alert you of this so just make sure you're using a completely different email. From there, if you try to log into Ultimate Team, you'll see that you need to play FIFA 14 and link an Ultimate Team to this account with an Xbox Live account. However, you can't use your own, so you'll need an account.


Sign up for an Xbox Live Silver account

You need to create an Xbox Live silver account -- that is, the free version. If we were creating Gold accounts all the time, it might get costly, and we only need the web app anyway. When you sign up for your account, make sure you do not enter any credit card or payment information but still create an account that can connect to Xbox live. Also make sure you sign up with the same email you signed up for your Origin account for!

Once it is created, play FIFA 14 with it and start an Ultimate Team. You may be prompted to match it to an Origin account and then you should match it to the one you created earlier.

From there, you can trade between the two accounts and effectively have two trade piles to utilize.


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