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FIFA 14FIFA 14 - Defending

Defending in FIFA 14 is fairly similar to defending in FIFA 14, but there are definitely some new details to the system that would be helpful to know about if you expect to do well as a defender. Furthermore, it is even more important to be a good defender in FIFA 14 because bad defending is incredibly easy to exploit in this game. Without sound defensive knowledge, you may find yourself losing games solely because your opponent is able to rack up a LOT of goals.

Undoubtedly, the small additions to defending in FIFA 14 have made it quite a bit harder to become a proficient defender. While this guide does give a brief introduction that should be helpful to you, I'd suggest another option if you're looking for a more thorough, in-depth guide to defending. The Supreme FIFA 14 Guide contains, among many other tutorials, an extensive guide on dominating your opponent defensively. I'd highly suggest you check it out if you'd like to become a better defender!



You should focus more on containing your opponent and ensuring he doesn't get too close to your penalty box than sprinting as fast as you can to get to him and steal the ball handily, as that is unlikely in FIFA 14. If you jockey the players with the ball and stay with them, they will probably dribble into another defender or take a touch that allows you to take the ball from them. If you pressure well, you'll probably also be able to take advantage of lots of poor passes. You can sort of push into your opponent as you contain him and try to shove him off the ball (controls depend on your console/system) which is another thing to focus on.

The most important thing about containing is that your focus should be on deterring movement of your opponent, but also to prevent the shot. In FIFA 14, shots can be devastating. Players with even half decent defending stats can pull off long range goals that fly into the top corner. This is mainly due to the Pure Shot addition to the game, but in general shooting is just much easier. So, if you really want to defend well you must learn to contain with the intention of cutting off shots.



If you hit the B or Circle button when you have an opportunity to grab the ball or poke it away, your player will attempt to do so. Anticipate when the ball will be within your reach so that you can try this technique at the right time. However, containing your opponent well should eliminate reasons to attempt a tackle, so think of it as sort of a last resort. Also remember that pushing this button when the ball is out of reach will result in your player simply pushing, or jockeying, your opponent.

Slide tackles are another story. If regular tackles are a last resort as mentioned above, then slide tackles should only be attempted when you are sure you will get the ball and/or you have no other options. In FIFA 14, slide tackles seem to be a lot more useful. If you see a player coming straight on to you and you both are sprinting, there's not much your opponent can do to get out of the way.


Pass Anticipation

In conjunction with containing your opponent, trying to anticipate the passes your opponent will make is probably the most useful skill you can perfect in this game, or at least in the defending part of it. FIFA 14, like other recent versions of FIFA, is very passing focused. Solid defending involves considering all of the passing options and lanes available for your opponent and closing off the most dangerous of them. It sounds like a lot, but just keep it in mind when you're trying to get used to the new game and it should become second nature. You will also want to try to "figure out" your opponent and get a good idea of what he's going to do. Most players seem to do the same thing in every situation, so try to watch for these patterns and take advantage when you notice them again.


General Tips

  • Use the right stick to change players faster
  • Maintain a goal-side advantage over your opponents
  • Be wary of skill moves
  • Be riskier with tackles when a counter-attack is possible
  • Be ready to switch players quick and move one back for cover, especially against fast teams
  • Recognize skillful players and isolate them whenever possible
  • Be patient!


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