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FIFA 14 - Ultimate Team - Coin Buying Guide

FIFA 14FIFA 14 - Ultimate Team - Coin Buying Guide

The FIFA Ultimate Team coin market has grown significantly since the game mode was first added to FIFA. In FIFA 14, you have tons of different coin retailers who will sell you coins, but it is sometimes a rather foreign thing to most people. It is a strange kind of transaction knowing how easy it is to get scammed. Read these tips below and figure out how to avoid getting scammed and get the most out of what you pay!

However, if you perfect the methods outlined in the FUT Genius 14 Guide (by FIFA Encyclopedia) then you will never have to buy coins or packs -- you can simply rely on your minimal trading to build up your coin pile. Just thought that would be worth mentioning!


Best Retailers

My favorite coin shop is They had a partnership with us last year and I find their service to be the best. They have a fully automated system that will trade the coins to your team within seconds, instead of having to wait for a person make the trade when he sees your order come in. Their site administrator is a very nice guy and I can tell the other people who help him run the site will provide you with great service.

Another good option is They have a very nice, usable interface for you to buy the coins with. They also have an automated system that will deliver your coins instantly. I have not personally tested this site but it appears to be one of the better sites for FIFA 14 coins!


Checking Prices

I could tell you what a good price to buy at would be, but then I'd have to update this guide on a weekly basis! The truth is that coin prices are always changing -- these coin retailers are now huge in number and they compete like neighboring gas stations do! Pay attention to these price shifts to make sure you're getting a good price given the current state of the market. Simply search for 'fifa coins' on Google and go down the list. See who has the best prices and maybe test out with a small purchase before buying a lot - that way you get a good idea of who is a good retailer and who is not. If you find any particularly good ones please feel free to contact me and I'll add them here.



EA deducts 5% off of all trades, so you will need to keep this in mind when you are buying. Although you are paying for 50k coins, you will only recieve 47.5k coins when your trade goes through. It may be worthwhile checking which retailers will foot this cost for you when you are comparing prices.


Refund Policy

These coin shops may be very reluctant to give you any kind of refund, so be aware of this if you think you might need one. Most sites will list their refund policy in the footer of their site, so check that out if you are concerned. For example, FIFA Coin Trader seems to only offer a 12 hour period in which you can initiate a refund and even then they deduct a 5% processing fee.


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