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How to Check your Ranking in FIFA 14

FIFA 14How to Check your Ranking in FIFA 14

FIFA 14 Online Seasons is incredibly competitive, and you may want to know just how you stack up against all FIFA players in the world. It definitely adds a bit of excitement to the game when you can keep track of just where you stand in the worldwide rankings. If you're within the top 10,000, you're pretty good. If you're within the top 1,000, you're definitely one of the best.

If your ranking is not as great as you'd like it to be, I'd highly recommend the Supreme FIFA 14 Guide, by FIFA Encyclopedia. The Supreme FIFA 14 guide was written with just one ideal in mind: WINNING. The Supreme FIFA 14 guide will teach you how to dominate your opponent with style and skill and improve your ranking all the while.

To check your ranking, go to the Seasons menu. Scroll over to the Leaderboards tab and go to the bottom square titled 'Leaderboards' again. From here you will see your ranking with respect to your friends. Then, hold down the left trigger (LT on Xbox, L2 on Playstation) and go down to the 'Top 100' button and release. Here you will see the detailed statistics of each of the top 100 online players in FIFA 14, so if you can see your own profile here, congratulations. However, even if you're not in the top 100, you can still see your ranking here as it will be the very last item in the list.

You can check the following statistics which all impact your ranking: games won, games lost, games drawn, average goals for, average goals against, average possession, current unbeaten streak.


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