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FIFA 14 - Ultimate Team - 59th Minute Method

FIFA 14FIFA 14 - Ultimate Team - 59th Minute Method

In the past few versions of FIFA Ultimate Team, the 59th minute method proved to be the most profitable and effective method of making money in the game that focused around coins and trading. This trend continues in FIFA 14, although the method has definitely declined in success. This tutorial will outline how the 59th method works, how to do it, and hopefully answer your questions. Again, this method is not nearly as popular and/or successful as it has been in the past. If you are looking for more profitable methods you may want to consider our FUT Genius 14 guide, which highlights some of the best methods an FUT trader could rely on in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.


How it Works

The default auction duration for any card you list is 1 hour. Therefore, most cards are listed for one hour because people don't bother to change it. Since cards are listed by time remaining when you search, you can get yourself right around this hour mark, where 59 minutes remain on the auctions.

By scrolling up and down the pages, you are refreshing them. If you're positioned between 59 minutes and 45 seconds and 1 hour, you'll be seeing cards that were literally JUST put up. The advantage of this? You see these cards before anyone else does (besides other 59th minute users) and have a high chance of seeing a good bargain and getting it. From there you can sell for a healthy profit.


How it's Done

Set your search parameters: Max Buy Now to whatever number of coins you have and Level to "gold". Now comes the worst part. You'll need to scroll all the way up the pages to the 59th minute where the bargains are. The best way to do this is to use the Web App and install an auto clicker click through the pages for you.

Once you're there, you can start looking for bargains by scrolling up and down the pages to refresh. You probably won't really know what's a bargain the first time, so you'll need to just pay attention and see what gets bought quickly and for what prices. Try adding cards to your watch list and searching for the card in another tab. You'll probably loose the bargain if it actually is one, but this means you'll remember it next time for sure. You can also use a second tab to sell your cards and not have to leave the 59th minute.


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