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FIFA 13 - Ultimate Team Strategies

FIFA 13FIFA 13 - Ultimate Team Strategies

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is EA's fifth iteration of the extremely popular online game mode that has captured the attention (and time) of football/soccer gaming fans in an impressive way. Especially for new players, learning how to play or get used to the FIFA 13 version of the game can be quite a challenge. This guide aims to help you formulate a strategy and decide how you're going to go about your Ultimate Team journey.


Building your Team

You should have a good idea of the team you want to build well before you start raising funds to buy the team and actually putting it together. It's far more satisfying to play for a team that you spent a lot of time to put together, and you can plan a team that you'll truly like playing with if you think about it ahead of time. This will also help you gage how much money you'll need to get, but pay attention in the next section for tips about money making.

Pay attention to your chemistry as well. It's well known that teams with better chemistry play better than teams without good chemistry. If you focus on chemistry, your team will be able to string together intricate passing schemes and make perfect runs off the ball for you. Personally, I find playing with a team that has high chemistry both effective and entertaining.


Making Money

Ultimate Team has always revolved around making money; you need coins to buy players, consumables, and card packs. Unfortunately, making money is quite difficult. You should give our FIFA 13 Ultimate Team money making guide a try though, as I'm sure we have some advice in there that will help you along the way. If you do read that guide, you may have picked up on the section that talked about just buying packs with real money. If you're wondering about playing/team-building strategies, then it is probably in your best interest to just buy packs. If you'd like a further explanation as to why that would be good idea for you, then read on in that section.

Ultimately though, the main premise of the trading market is like any other market: buy low, sell high. It's common sense, but some people think there is some hidden secret to gaining large amounts of coins in Ultimate Team, and there really isn't. If you just want to do the trading option, you'll have to work on your own variation of “buy low, sell high.”



Now comes the fun part: actually playing with the team you've funded. If you paid any attention at all in the building section, then you should already be aware of your team's strengths and weaknesses. Build upon your strengths by playing in a way that complements them. Have a lot of good passers in your midfield like Xavi or Xabi Alonso, for example? Try to maintain the ball centrally and get it to those players to distribute to your forwards. It's rather simple, but only if you planned out your team beforehand.


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