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If you're an active trader or just want to stay up-to-date with FIFA 13 Ultimate Team prices, then you should take a look at some of the incredibly useful Ultimate Team databases that will work well with this year's version of FIFA's most popular game mode. We've narrowed it down to the three best:,, and Find the best one for you to make your FIFA 13 Ultimate Team the best it can be. Interested in trading to make your coins in FUT? I'd like to take this opportunity to quickly advocate my favorite money-making guide, the FUTMILLIONAIRE guide. Check out my full review of the FUT Millionaire Guide to help you evaluate for yourself. has been at it for several years now, and returns for FIFA 13. I would personally rank them as my top choice if you're looking for the most detailed and informative data regarding the current prices and how the price has fluctuated over time for a particular player or card. They also keep track of some of the more high-profile trades, among a variety of other features. These additional features include but are not limited to: Trading information for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC; Squad Creation and testing; Full player database; Full misc. card database.

FUTWIZ is probably the most complete and functional database on the list here. They undoubtedly have the nicest site to use, but their information is not as encompassing as the information provided by FUTWIZ offers Player Information, Squad Builder with pricing info, Collections feature, Tournament drafting, and comprehensive market information to help you evaluate prices. The site allows you to create an account and you can attach your use of all of the aforementioned features to it so you can participate in things like the Collections feature that allows you to update things over time.

I personally like using the Chuzz database because of its minimalistic design and speed. You'll find it very easy to go through a large list of players or if you're searching with very specific parameters. The Chuzz database is fully updated and ready to use for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, but it does not feature trading and price information for players and does not have any information about other cards.

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