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FIFA 13 - iPhone and Android Apps

FIFA 13FIFA 13 - iPhone and Android Apps

Mobile apps can be incredibly useful in managing your Ultimate Team in FIFA 13 and trading. The ones I'm going to focus on are: the EA Sports Football Club app, the FUT 13 Ultimate Team App, and iFUT 13.


EA Sports Football Club

This is the king of all Ultimate Team apps, because it's actually made by EA themselves! With this app, you have the ability to view your news feed, access your trade pile, your watch list, and your unassigned cards and search for auctions. Basically, you can do all kinds of trading and surprisingly, it runs very well. I would highly recommend using this app if you do any kind of trading and own an iPhone or iPad. It's meant to be an iPhone app only, but with the enlarged view on iPad it works fine. Sorry to Android users though; this is not available for Android.

Psst, this app goes along great with the FIFA Ultimate Team Millionaire Guide, which focuses on a lot of quick trading and letting things sit. Using a mobile device to help you with this should be invaluable. If you're more interested in the guide, please read my full review.


FUT 13 Ultimate Team App

The FUT 13 Ultimate Team app can be really handy if you like to check up on the different stats and everything of each player in your Ultimate Team. What's more? This app allows you to check up-to-date prices of each player so you know when you're trading. When combined with trading on the web app or on your console, this app can be a huge asset to your trading.


iFUT 13

This iOS app does what FUT 13 Ultimate Team app does, but for your iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately, this app does not have the capability to report current prices, but it is incredibly useful for checking player stats. Much like the previous app, this could be a very useful tool for any FUT 13 trader if they utilize it well.


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