In FIFA 13, it seems almost a little bit harder to put away those chances you have 1v1 with the keeper. It's a bit tougher to decide whether you should go for the neat finesse shot into an open corner or just try to hammer it home with a regular shot from close range. Fortunately, there is a system to this that you can master -- you just have to learn what to watch for!


Finesse Shot

When you're on a breakaway, or something that at least resembles one, you should first consider the finesse shot. If you're not already familiar, the finesse shot is a sidefooted shot that typically has a bit of curve on it and goes more directly to a corner you aim at. I don't know about you, but that sounds like the perfect shot to use for finishing for me.

When you're approaching the keeper, you need to be ready for him to start charging at you at any time. Don't loose track of your player, but be ready to pull the trigger as soon as he starts moving -- that's the best time to pull the finesse shot which should ALWAYS be aimed at the far post. If you're close when he starts charging, go for the bottom corners, but aim higher if you're further out when he starts charging.


Regular Shot

Ok, so you're wondering: what do I do if he doesn't charge? That's a very good question, because that does happen a lot. Finishing can be pretty difficult for most players because they tend to only rely on a single finishing technique, they don't diversify. In FIFA 13, lots of players have caught on to this and vary when they charge with their keeper. Anyway, what to do when the keeper remains where he is...

The whole finishing technique I outline here focuses on you getting closer and closer to the goal. If you get into the penalty box and he's not moving, fire away a regular shot at one of the far post corners. When you're that close, he can do very little so you're likely to score. However, a finesse shot can definitely be stopped at this range, so that is why I make a point of telling you to use the regular shot here.

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Chip Shot

I'll be brief here, as the Chip Shot is not necessarily the most efficient finishing technique out there. If you're a good distance away and the keeper is already charging at you, take a chance with the chip shot. If you don't use it a lot, I'd just recommend you only use it when you have a good lead and you're fairly certain you'll win. However, once you get the power and timing aspects of the chip shot down, you shouldn't have to worry about that is it will then be more of an asset to your game than a fancy little trick. This is especially useful if you're approaching the goal and the ball is on your strong foot side, but you're not facing the goal so you can't go for the far post. Just wait for the charge and dink it over the keeper! Goal!


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