The Player Manager segment of Career Mode incorporates aspects of both the Player and Manager modes of Career Mode. In Player Manager, you manage the team as you would the manager of a team, but instead of controlling the entire team during matches, you control your one selected player/manager, who can be your Virtual Pro. Like the other segments of Career Mode, you will receive most of your notifications via email.



You are able to buy players to strengthen your team via the Transfer Center, and can also sell players. Something to keep in mind about selling players is that players do age in Manager Mode, so if a player isn't of much use to your team, it is worth considering selling this player before he retires in order to free up funds to strengthen your team with other players. From the Buy Players area, you can search for players manually and can also set your search setting to players who are already up for sale, and will be easier to buy. Players will sometimes have reasons for not wanting to go, and the only real way to combat this is through increasing your offer, unfortunately. Another thing to remember is that after submitting an offer, you will have to play a game before you will be able to see if your offer has been rejected or accepted. See the table further down this page for a list of the best players to try to buy.

You also have the option of increasing (or decreasing) your transfer budget by altering the Budget Allocation. You will see a ratio of your transfer budget to wage budget, which you can alter by moving the left analog stick left or right. You can alter the Budget Allocation three times during one season.


Player Growth

In FIFA 11, you do not manually control the growth of your players. Instead, players will have a preset rate and pattern of growth and will grow on their own, without you having to do this manually. You still can check how your players are growing via the Player Growth screen. In order to make the system as realistic as possible, EA have implemented normal rates of growth for certain attributes: Mental attributes will grow slowly and steadily and will not peak until a player is late in his career, and physical attributes will peak during the early 20's of a player's career. Unlike the other two, skill will be steadily earned throughout a player's career and will not drop off suddenly.

You can view the Assistant Coach's assessment of your individual players via the same Player Growth screen. This is in terms of potential, and where he is in terms of his peak. By checking the Assistant Manager's assessment of your players, you can get a good idea of which players you need to play in order to help them reach their peak of their career.


Scouting/Youth Academy

FIFA 12 Career Mode introduces an all new scouting system that allows you to hire up to three scouts and send them all around the world to find players for you to consider adding to your team and a projection of their future skills. From there, you can foster the growth of these players in your Youth Academy until they have grown into first team material. You should be careful of who you sign, as some won't end up being good. On the other hand, waiting too long to determine whether or not you should scout this player runs the risk of him being signed by another club.


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