In the Player Career Mode, you play the role of a professional player climbing up the ranks of the footballing ladder. Although this segment of Career Mode can be compared to Be a Pro: Seasons from FIFA 10, it is significantly different. It is more basic in that you play with either your Virtual Pro or an already established player on a professional team.

You will follow a season and likely move up and down the ranks between reserve and first team, receiving notices from your coaches and manager about your progress and what you need to do to earn or keep your spot in the first team starting eleven. You will also be notified when you are hitting top form or may play in the next game because of an injury, stuff like that. You will receive most of your notification of everything via the email system, which you can check after each match, provided you do have an email to read.

This is an excellent way to accumulate accomplishments for your Virtual Pro, and improve your skills at playing as a single player, such as in Pro Clubs matches. However, remember that although you might reach the status of Captain or other high ranks within your team, being that it is still Player Mode, you will still not have the ability to do any sort of Team Management such as squad selection formation, player roles, tactics, etc. Although, you will be able to use the D-pad Tactics during a game.

Your rating is on a scale up to 10, and you can improve by making good passes, being in position, winning the ball, calling for the ball and receiving it, shooting on target, and telling your teammates to have a shot, and obviously, scoring goals. You will also have three key on-field indicators which will tell you where you need to be, if you are offside, and players which are potential threats and should be marked.


 The positional indicator tells you where you need to be on the pitch. Using the arrows as a guide, follow them until they disappear, meaning that you have reached where you need to be. They will have one, two, or three arrows, three meaning that you are far away or that it is most urgent that you get to this position.


The offside indicator will appear if you are offside. If you ever see this little flag, make sure you get onside immediately to avoid loosing valuable experience points, or risk wasting an attack on goal by being caught offside.


The threat indicator lets you know which players of the opposition are dangerous, you should mark these players and try to ensure that they don't get the ball. This occurs most when an opposing player is about to take a free kick.




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