To get to the Live Season for dashboard and to set up Live Season go to: Main Menu – Game Modes – Live Season – My Live Season.

This year's edition of Live Season isn't much different from previous years, so don't be prepared for any kind of big changes. The cost still remains, of course. It costs 800 MSP for every league and 400 for any given single league in the game. This will give you access to both updated player ratings each week for use in the Live Season Mode of the game, released last year in FIFA 11.

Basically, Live Season mode allows you to replay real-life fixtures of any team and maybe even have a different outcome. Did your favorite team loose last week? Avenge their loss as best you can with a replay on your Live Season. It is time sensitive though, you can't replay fixtures from three weeks ago, as it's supposed to be played in a way that re-enacts real football and real-life leagues.

Contrary to what you might think, Live Season affects both offline and online play, so you will indeed have an advantage over players who do not have Live Season, provided you're playing with a team who has been in form according to the Live Season ratings.

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