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FIFA 12 - Head to Head Seasons

FIFA 12FIFA 12 - Head to Head Seasons

Click here for a guide on getting to Division 1 in Head to Head Seasons.

A new online game mode in FIFA 12 is the Head to Head Seasons mode which acts a lot like the leagues that exist in real football. You're pitted against players of similar skill level and as you progress through games, you are awarded points which determine whether you'll be moving up to a better division, staying in your current one, or perhaps even being relegated to a lower division. You also have the option of playing cup matches. It can get very tough to continually advance through divisions and win such heavily contested games, but a few tips and know-how here will set you along the right path.



You can choose to play as any team in the game, and similarly, you could be pitted against any other team in the game provided that their ratings are near to equal and your opponent's skill level is similar to yours. I personally prefer to stay with Manchester United as they're both my favorite team and a very strong team. I do resort to one of the big three if I really need a win: Barcelona, Real Madrid, or AC Milan. They're undoubtedly the strongest teams to play with, so keep that in mind if you really need the three points.



At the beginning of each “season” in a division, you are given a goal of points you much reach in order to advance to the next division, along with a set amount of points you must surpass in order to not be relegated. You are awarded 3 points for a win, a single point for a draw, and you'll get nothing for a loss. This creates a similar feeling to actually watching a domestic league such as a Premier League in which draws are very much accepted, as long as you're coming away with at least a point.


Cup Matches

EA releases cup tournaments every few days, and you have a set window of time to complete that tournament. They have a significant effect on your ranking and give a lot of experience points, not to mention being very fun!



EA have incorporated a leaderboard into pretty much everything online now, allowing you to compare yourself with your friends and the world. It's pretty interesting to look at and might give you a good idea of why you can't get out of Division 9, as that division holds more players than any other one. The competition's pretty tough.


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