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FIFA 12 - How to get to Division 1

FIFA 12FIFA 12 - How to get to Division 1

A new game mode in FIFA 12 is the Head to Head Seasons online game mode which allows you to compete with other online players in a league setup. As you progress and win points per win, you can move through different divisions, starting at Division 10 with the goal of reaching Division 1 and winning.

This tutorial will outline specific strategies and techniques that you will find the most effective in your goal of reaching division one. Most of these methods have been tried and proven to work.


Picking a Team

A mistake that I made in the beginning was that I used too many different teams. Most people find success with choosing a single team they enjoy playing with and one that best compiments your playing style. This team, for me, is Bayern Munich. I like to work the ball with the ultimate goal of playing the ball out wide to a quick winger and having big strikers to cross into. Bayern has the qualities to allow this, so I find more success playing with them than any other team. Other teams to consider: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, AC Milan, Napoli, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Lyon, Marseille, and many others.


Take Advantage of a Lead

Before Head to Head seasons, I played mainly for enjoyment and didn't really care about the result of my games. However, in H2H seasons, producing good results (primarily wins) is crucial. It is important to remember that a 1-0 win is worth the same amount of points as a 10-0 win. If you do happen to snatch a goal against a player who is a bit better than you, it wouldn't be a bad idea to switch to a very defensive formation and change to "Ultra-Defensive". Remember that even if you do this, it is possible to score more goals, so the fun isn't all over.


Quitting Early

I'm sure you read this title and thought, "Wait, he's telling me to QUIT games?" However, it is important to remember that if you choose to quit anytime before the 5 minute mark (game time) this will register in a "null" game, for lack of better words. You will not recieve a los, nor a win, nor a tie, and likewise will not have one less game remaining. You can take advantage of this if you happen to get matched against a player with a bad connection or perhaps annoyingly matching kits. I wouldn't recommend it, but you can also use it if your opponent scores before this time. Once again, please be honest and only use it if you absolutely NEED the win.


Use Set Pieces

In such tight games offered by Head to Head Seasons, it is important to take advantage of each and every set piece you are given. Use the Practice Arena to sharpen up on your free kicks, and consider putting together created set pieces. Information on all of this can be found right here on FIFA Encyclopedia, so read up!


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