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FIFA 11 - A Beginner's Guide to Skill Moves

FIFA 11FIFA 11 - A Beginner's Guide to Skill Moves

It is more than easy easy to be mesmerized by the awesome FIFA 11 skill move combos you see done on YouTube videos or even against other players online. Many players, particularly newer ones, often want to add some trickery and flair to their game with skill moves, but don't know where to start. Although it may seem okay to just jam the trick stick in every direction, it is more effective to approach this with a systematic method.


Start Small

The absolute best thing you can do to get better at using skill moves is to start off with just one single move. Memorize the control for it and learn to do it all directions. Once you feel you have mastered that move, add another and repeat this process. Before you know it, you'll have 4 or 5 good moves you can use to fool your opponent in a number of tight situations. For your first few skill moves, I can recommend a few that are both easy and effective: the Roulette, Heel-to-Heel, Ronaldo Chop, Stop and Turn, and the McGeady Spin. Each of these can be found in our Skill Moves List.


Star Rating System

Each skill move is rated based on difficulty on a scale from 1 star to 5 stars. For example, the Roulette is a 3 star skill move, while the more difficult Hocus Pocus is a 5 star skill move. Next, players are rated with the same system. Four star skill move players can do any skill move that has a rating of 1-4 stars, but are unable to perform 5 star skill moves. Familiarize yourself with the ratings of both players and skill moves so you know which moves you are capable of performing while on the ball. Check out our 5 Star Skills Player List to see a comprehensive list of every pleyer in FIFA 11 capable of performing 5 star skill moves.


Create your Own Combos

Once you've gotten used to performing a few skill moves in any direction as encouraged before in this article, you should try to find a number of combos you like doing and get used to them. For me, the first one was a Stop and Turn or McGeady Spin when I'm running down one of the sides of the penalty box, cutting inside. From there I would perform a Roulette to get around the player running towards me, and then I'd finesse shot it home from close. If necessary, a Ronaldo Chop also works nicely somewhere after the inside turn part. That's just an example, play around with some moves yourself and decide what works well for you.


Watch YouTube Videos

This tip doesn't seem like it would really be worth it, but it certainly is. Plus, it's entertaining. Many of the best "FIFA Skillers" as some like to be called, post videos of them in action on YouTube. This can be very effective in learning how to best utilize skill moves because it can bring to light some combos or even individual skill moves that you were unaware of or didn't think would be very effective. By watching, you can get ideas of what would be effective to implement into your own game.

That's about it, these few tips will carry any average beginner a long way in their attempt to use skill moves to their advantage. The most important thing you can do is to just give it a try. Slowly add moves to your library and before you know it you will be tricking your opponents left and right. I will leave you with this video on skill moves made by EA Sports.


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