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FIFA 11 - Offline Game Modes

FIFA 11FIFA 11 - Offline Game Modes

Career Mode

Instead of having two separate game modes for Manager Mode and Be a Pro: Seasons, for FIFA 11, EA decided to include these two game modes into a single game mode called Career mode, which also includes a third game mode in which you play as a Player Manager. There have been some significant changes in Manager Mode and Be a Pro mode, which are now called just Manager and Player, so read up if you're a FIFA veteran! Read more here.                     


Tournament Mode

The Tournament Mode in FIFA 11 provides a fun way to challenge your friends or the computer to a competitive tournament. The tournaments are based off of real life Cups and Leagues, so you can pick your favorite professional tournament such as the Carling Cup or the MLS Cup. Once again, Tournament Mode goes unchanged and is still relatively the same game mode since FIFA 08. Read more here.



Lounge Mode

Lounge Mode is an all-new game mode for FIFA 11. Lounge Mode is a fun way to challenge your friends offline, and has both concrete and some other unique ways of showing whose better, from the obvious wins/losses to number of hat tricks. Also, it is possible to save your progress in specific Lounge Mode campaigns so you can keep a running tally against your friends. Read more here.







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