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FIFA 11 - Guide to Controls

FIFA 11FIFA 11 - Guide to Controls

Basic Controls

For information on all the basic controls you need to know in FIFA 11, view this article. Although you may feel like you know every control possible about FIFA, there are probably a few things that you could learn that might just make that crucial difference in those close games. The consoles covered in this section are Xbox and Playstation, and more specifically, Playstation 2 and 3, and Xbox 360. Read more here.



Skill Moves

Skill Moves are flashy, effective ways to get past your opponent on the dribble. To execute Skill Moves, you will need to hold down the Left Trigger on your particular console, and move the Right Analog stick in some combinations, and this article lists these combinations so you know all the possible Skill Moves. Also, a returning feature in FIFA 11 is the 1v1 Practice Arena you will find at the opening screen at the game. This is a great place to practice skill moves. Read more here.



Manual vs. Assisted

In FIFA 11, your game will be automatically set to Assited Controls. This means that whenever you take a shot, the computer will greatly alter your shot from what you specified in terms of power and direction. In some cases, this can be useful, but usually it isn't because the ball goes exactly where you want it to go with Manual Controls. When you start, you will miss a lot, but once you get good at Manual, if you aim for the top corner correctly, your shot will go top corner. Read more here.



A returning feature to FIFA 11 is the ability to perform your own unique celebrations after you score, instead of having a computer decided animation like it was in previous versions of FIFA. There are two kinds of celebrations, running moves, such as an "airplane", or a finishing move such as a "jump and punch". There are many more celebrations like these which you can combine to create your own personal celebration. Read more here.




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