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FIFA 10 - Virtual Pro Guide

FIFA 10FIFA 10 - Virtual Pro Guide

A brand new feature of FIFA 10 is the Virtual Pro mode, in which you can create a player and increase his skills. You can also use this Virtual Pro to unlock content and features, some are specifically for your pro to use, some are features you can use throughout FIFA 10, such as new celebrations or boots.



Your player will unlock new skills and traits which in turn affect his overall. Keep in mind that it is impossible for your player to reach 99 Overall, the max is around 90. By viewing your Accomplishments, you can see which ones you still need to achieve and how to do so, and which ones you have already gotten. You will notice that some of the accomplishments are listed as 'Secret'. Below are the secret achievements that are not listed in the Accomplishments Book.

Ball Skills

Accomplishment Reward
Dribble Past an opposing player Dribbling +1
Chip the keeper and score from inside the box in a match Ball Control +3
Score using the backheel in a match Ball Control +3
Beat 100 players using skill moves Dribbling +4



Accomplishment Reward
Block a shot on goal Marking +1
Win the ball 3 times with sliding tackles 2 games in succession Standing Tackle +2
Play 5 consecutive matches in defence without receiving a yellow card Standing Tackle +3
Win 10 man of the match awards as a defender Marking +4



Accomplishment Reward
Score from within 3 yards Positioning +3
Play 5 consecutive matches without being called offside Tactical Awareness +3
Play 10 consecutive matches without being called offside Tactical Awareness +4
Make 2 goal-line clearances in your career Aggression +4



Accomplishment Reward
Score from a rebound off the post Reactions +5
Run 3500 yards in a match Stamina +1
Get a mactch rating of 10/10 Strength +1
Tap in 5 career goals within 5 yards Reactions +5
Make 200 career appearances Sprint Speed +3



Accomplishment Reward
Hit the target with 3 headers in a single match Heading Accuracy +2
Score from a laces shot taken outside the box in a match Long Shots +1
Score a penalty during normal time in a match Penalties +3
Beat the keeper with 2 headers in a single match Heading Accuracy +3
Score 2 volleys in one match Finishing +3
Score 10 volleys in your career Score 150 goals in your career
Score a brace in 3 consecutive matches Finishing +3


Traits and Celebrations

Accomplishment Reward
Beat 5 defenders in a single match using skill moves Unlocks Flair trait
Make 3 goal-line clearances in your career Unlocks Acrobatic Clearance trait



Accomplishment Reward
Play a match in the rain Unlocks Long Sleeves
Play 25 matches in the rain Unlocks Undershirt



Once you unlock an accomplishment, you will be given a reward for your efforts. Most of the time, this will be improved levels or traits which will be updated automatically, but sometimes you will receive accessories. To use your earned accessories, or to edit your Pro in other ways, go to 'Edit Pro', from the Virtual Pro mode interface.


Game Face

One of the most unique aspects of Virtual Pro, or FIFA 10 in general is Game Face, which allows you to download an image of your own face to be used for your Virtual Pro! You can do this online via EA Sports' website. However, before you get into this I recommend taking a quick look at my guide on Game Face here.


Playing Online

While you can take your player into a match in nearly any offline game mode, you may want to use them online. Your Pro will be available in Unranked games, and Pro Club Championship, which is an online game mode that allows you to create or join a club of Virtual Pros and help bring your club to the top of the leaderboards.


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