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Making Money in FIFA 10 Ultimate Team

FIFA 10Making Money in FIFA 10 Ultimate Team

methods such as playing games or buying for packs and hoping for a profitable return. Below are four methods which can still be used to make money effectively. Why only four? Well, FUT 10 is slightly outdated and players have moved on to newer versions, although there is still a small base of players. For these players who remain, the economy is sort of inactive, but just active enough to make some money.


Playing Matches/Tournaments

Although not the most lucrative method, playing matches is still a reliable, consistent method of making money, however slowly. You should earn an upwards of 600 coins for every won match, offline or online. However, what makes this not 100% consistent is the fact that contracts cost money, and if you are constantly playing games, your players will require contract cards to continue playing for your team. One way to increase your profit is to participate in tournaments which reward you with a coin bonus if you win the tournament which can usually pay off the contracts you used throughout the tournament, so you don't have to spend the coins from playing games on contracts.


Buying and Selling

You've probably heard the phrase “Buy low, sell high” before. This usually applies to anything that involves some sort of currency and trading, and it is no different for Ultimate Team. By looking for players who you can resell for a profit, you can take full advantage of this simple technique. I would recommend starting out with a few selected players who you know you can make money on and looking for good deals. Keep in mind that you may need to be patient with this, as the market is rather inactive at the time of writing this article.


59th Minute

Another popular method is to set your search parameters to: Gold Players, and Max Buy it Now Price at the amount of money you have in coins. Cards are organized as soonest finishing auctions come up first and the time goes up as you scroll up. Continue scrolling up the list of cards until you get to where players have around 59 minutes remaining in the auction. Because 1 hour is the most common time people set their auctions at, you have a better chance at seeing good deals before other players do. Study the market until you know prices well, and experiment with a few players. It takes time, but eventually you will get the hang of it. Although this might be slow at times, the market is just active enough for a consistent flow of players to be put up for auction that you may be able to make a profit on.


Monopolizing a Player

This is one of the methods that has, if anything, become more even more effective as the market has grown more inactive. The general concept is that you buy all the cards listed for a certain player, so you control the price of that player. Before, when the market was still very active, it was hard to do this as players were constantly being pulled out of packs and someone could easily beat the prices of your cards. Now that a very low number of packs are being opened each day, there is less of a chance of this happening. Obviously, don't just pick any player – look for a player who has most of his cards on the market listed at a reasonable price, and ensure that you have enough to buy all of them. Up the price to the point where you will profit and reap the rewards.


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