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Building your Team in FIFA 10 Ultimate Team

FIFA 10Building your Team in FIFA 10 Ultimate Team

The important thing to remember when building your team is that Chemistry certainly matters. On your lineup page, you will notice that little green bar in the top right corner; this represents your chemistry on a scale of 1 to 100. Reaching 100 Chemistry is well worth it as you will notice the drastic change in your teams ability to win games, in a positive way. Chemistry is determined by nationality or league cohesion, formation, position, and your manager. By playing players next two each other who are alike in nationality or play from the same club or league, you will boost your chemistry. If players are in their preferred position, which can be changed and if they play in their preferred formation, which you can change, your chemistry will rise. Likewise, your manager has an effect on your chemistry in that if he is playing his preferred formation and/or has the same nationality or is from the same league of at least one of the players on your team, this will boost your chemistry.

You must try to organize your team in such a way that your chemistry is high, but that you still feature good players. A positive change from FIFA 09's Ultimate Team is that instead of only same nationality players increasing chemistry, players from the same league will increase your chemistry also. This allows you much more creativity when building a team with chemistry in mind, so spend time planning out your team and thinking of key links to boost your chemistry.


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