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FIFA 10 - Manager Mode Tutorial

FIFA 10FIFA 10 - Manager Mode Tutorial

Manager Mode is one of the most lasting FIFA game modes, and is available again in FIFA 10. The general concept is that you play the role of the manager of your team of choice. You are responsible for buying new players, organizing scouting trips, general management of the team, and not to mention actually controlling the team in games. Something to note: manager mode in FIFA 10 is very easy if you start off with an already successful and wealthy club, it is very entertaining to play with a club that is not so and progressively build them up to this status, but you can choose to play however you want.


Starting Out


To start a new Manager Mode campaign, Main Menu - Game Modes - Manager Mode - New Manager Mode. From there, select your team, give your manager a name, and set your preferred settings. Your first task will be to select a sponsorship; do not just look at “Match Funding” as some sponsorships prove to be more lucrative than others even if their Match Funding number is low, as they make up for it in added bonuses, which you have to complete certain season goals in order to receive.


Managing your Team

The Manager Mode interface has two panels, one shows the date, board confidence, budget, weekly wages remaining, and the status of the transfer window., next match. The bottom left corner options include your next match, team management window, league table and stats, or club management screen, each of which can be previewed by hovering over that option. Also in that bottom corner, you can quit or save your progress. One thing you may wonder about is the “Board Confidence” meter. Often, you will be given difficult situations via the message center, where you will select an option to make a decision that you think the board would agree with, and making the right decisions will positively affect your Board Confidence level.



You are able to buy players to strengthen your team via the Transfer Center, and can also sell players. Something to keep in mind about selling players is that players do age in Manager Mode, so if a player isn't of much use to your team, it is worth considering selling this player before he retires in order to free up funds to strengthen your team with other players. The Transfer Market lists players who are already up for sale, so they are easier to buy. You can manually search for players you would like to buy, but it is sometimes difficult as the team/player will have reasons for not wanting to go, and the only real way to combat this is through increasing your offer, unfortunately. Another thing to remember is that after submitting an offer, you will have to play a game before you will be able to see if your offer has been rejected or accepted.


Player Growth

Unlike earlier versions of Manager Mode, in FIFA 10 you do not manually control the growth of your players. This is because players increased in skill at an almost ridiculous rate, and EA Sports wanted to make this a more realistic system. So, in the FIFA 10 version of Manager Mode, players will have a preset rate and pattern of growth and will grow on their own, without you having to do this manually. You still can check how your players are growing via the Player Growth screen. In order to make the system as realistic as possible, EA have implemented normal rates of growth for certain attributes: Mental attributes will grow slowly and steadily and will not peak until a player is late in his career, and physical attributes will peak during the early 20's of a player's career. Unlike the other two, skill will be steadily earned throughout a player's career and will not drop off suddenly.

Your scout can predict the future overall of a player, but he has to be bought before you can see the chart which provides this information.



By going to Staff Upgrades, you can upgrade certain members of your team staff. Position Coaches are useful to level up because if a player's position coach has a higher level, his exp. per game is increased, which allows your players to grow more skilled faster. Your Fitness Coach will aid in the post-match recovery of your players, leading to decreased fatigue during their next games. Your Head Scout is involved in scouting players, explained in the next section. By upgrading the level of your head scout, your scouting trips will be more successful. By increasing the level of your Negotiator, the transfer of new players will be increasingly easier and transfer targets will be less likely to reject your offer. By upgrading your Stadium Manager, you can increase your stadium size which leads to more potential tickets to be sold. From this screen, you can also increase the price of admission to your stadium, which is useful for smaller clubs. Keep in mind that people may be less likely to attend your games if the ticket price is too high, so experiment to see what yields the most revenue.


Scouting Trips

Sending your scout on a scouting trip is a mixed bag. Usually, he comes back with a half decent player, but every once in awhile he finds a very talented player. You can set trip length and location which both increase the odds of finding a good player, and this is also helped by having a higher leveled scout, but it is primarily a matter of luck.


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