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FIFA 10 - Live Season 2.0

FIFA 10FIFA 10 - Live Season 2.0

Adidas Live Season is back for the new FIFA 10 season! In case you are unfamiliar with this add-on, here is a basic summary. Adidas Live season adds another nice aspect of realism to the game by instituting that performances of players in real-life will affect how the will play in the game. The stats are updated weekly on every Wednesday, and there are six leagues available to choose from.

A new feature is that instead of only changing the form of players based on their real-life performances, injuries and transfers will be included also. If Frank Lampard picks up an injury over the weekend, he will be injured in Live Season enabled FIFA matches, after the Wednesday data update. Likewise, if a player is transferred, he will be transferred to his new club on this same data update day, Wednesday.

Another new aspect of Live Season is that you can replay real-life fixtures on your console and compare your results to your team's real life performance. As you continue playing with your team, you will have a chart to refer to for these comparisons.


Buying Live Season

Although the 2009/2010 season has ended, there is still a reason to buy Live Season if you are interested in the add-on. If you were to download a season of Live Season and start playing with a team, you could go through the entire 2009/2010 season match by match, even though the season has officially ended and those matches have passed.

On Xbox 360, Live Season 2.0 costs 400 Microsoft Points for a single league season, and 800 for all leagues. Alternatively you can just activate the trial for free, which allows you to play 5 matches. On Playstation you can buy a single league season for £3.99, or £7.99 to unlock all leagues for a season.


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