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FIFA 10 - Directional Pad Tactics

FIFA 10FIFA 10 - Directional Pad Tactics

Most players don't typically use the controls offered by the D-pad, some don't even know what the D-pad is capable of doing. The D-pad is very useful, especially if you are a good tactician from watching real-life football. In FIFA 10, the D-pad has two sets of controls. The first one being quick tactics, which requires you to press up on the D-pad, and then select your tactic with whatever direction on the D-pad it is set to. There are four quick tactics to choose from and can be set to a direction from the Team Management screen of any team.

Quick Tactics

Tactic Name Causes
"Team Name" Default Whatever is the default tactic for the selected team.
Counter Attack If you activate this tactic just after winning the ball when the opposing team has many players pushed up-field, this will encourage your players to take advantage of this by quickly forming an attack to move the ball up-field.
High Pressure Players on your team will quickly pressure the opposing team closely and quickly.
Long Ball When activated, this tactic causes your players to make long, darting runs forward so they are in a good position to run on to a long, lofted pass played in front of them.
Possession This tactic organizes your team in such a way that it is easier to possess the ball because players will constantly be moving into space to become good passing options.


Offensive/Defensive Settings

By pressing the left or right sides of the D-pad, you can determine how attacking or defensively your team will play. You have four options to choose from: Ultra-Defensive, Defensive, Balanced, Attacking, and Ultra-Attacking. By default, your team will be set to Balanced, and as you press either side of the D-pad, you will see what setting you are on in the bottom left corner of the screen. Use this to your advantage by selecting to be more defensive when your opponent is freely passing around in your half and you need more defensive power. Likewise, if you need a bit more attacking options, try selecting a more attacking setting.


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