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Great, Cheap Players in FIFA 09 Ultimate Team

FIFA 09Great, Cheap Players in FIFA 09 Ultimate Team

For those of us who don't want to fork out the small fortune required to buy a Ronaldo or Messi, there are players who are cheap because they aren't popular or don't seem good, but are actually world-class players in disguise. Many of you will find your own little gem on your own, but here is a list of 8 of the best players you can buy for a low price.


Player Club/Nationality Position Strengths
Omefabi Martins Newcastle United/Nigerian ST Martins is one of the fastest players on FUT09, with or without training. When fully trained, he is an absolute speed-demon. If his speed isn't his best trait, then his shooting certainly is. I would buy him in a heartbeat if I were just starting out, and I always keep him on the bench of my world-class squad.
John Carew Aston Villa/Norwegian ST Carew is the full package; unbelievably strong, very quick, and an excellent finisher, in the air or on the ground. Carew will shove off most defenders and his pace is a force to be reckoned with, despite his size.
Diego Klimowicz VfL Bochum/Argentinian ST Another striker. Klimowicz is like Carew, but is a bit taller, but just about as strong overall. As you might expect for a 6'3 guy, he is also a formidable threat in the air, but is also a cool finisher on the ground.
Micah Richards Manchester City/English CB Richards is an incredibly pacy center back who uses mostly sheer speed to beat the offensive players. He is also quite strong.
Daniele De Rossi AS Roma/Italian CDM Daniele De Rossi is one of the best CDM's in the game, and a player you cannot leave out of an Italian based team. Strong both defensively and on the ball, De Rossi bolsters your defence and adds a bit of strength to your attack.
Danny Welbeck Manchester United/English ST Welbeck is another useful asset to a team focusing on chemistry and is primarilly English. Welbeck is a very pacy player with excellent finishing. When fully trained to 99, he is a monster.
Gerard Pique Manchester United/English CB Pique is one of the strongest defenders in FUT 09, hands down. He shoves most strikers off the ball and is unreal in the air.
Grafite VfL Wolfsburg/Brazilian ST As you would imagine, this 6'3 Striker is an excellent header of the ball, but also has formidable pace to boot. Grafite is also a good finisher and hard to knock off the ball.


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