Be a Pro: Seasons Mode

Be a Pro Mode allows you to assume the role of a professional footballer, whether it be a player created on your console or an already established player within the game. Either way, this game mode allows you to see the game as real professionals do as you strive to improve your game rating. FIFA 09 introduces a new addition to this which allows you to play through an actual career of your selected "pro" instead of just playing games for him that mean nothing. Read more here.




Tournament Mode

The Tournament Mode in FIFA 09 provides a fun way to challenge your friends or the computer to a competitive tournament. The tournaments are based off of real life Cups and Leagues, so you can pick your favorite professional tournament such as the Carling Cup or the MLS Cup Read more here.


Manager Mode

Manager Mode is a classic FIFA game mode that returns for the '09 season. Between transfers, scouting, and team management in general, Manager Mode can be a hectic challenge. This tutorial provides the guidelines to manager mode for beginners, but also has some intermediate insight and tips. Read more here.


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